Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Found an oncologist!!

Steve and I spent the day meeting with two oncologists in Hong Kong. Pros and cons to both, but we felt very good about the second one we met. He is very well versed in treatment of colon cancer. He and his partners work out of a beautiful new oncology center in Central HK. Steve will have all his treatments, lab work, and even scans done in this center. It just opened in 2015, but this group has 100+ years combined treating cancer of all kinds. One of our friends in our bible study has multiple myeloma and she helped us to narrow down the oncology search.

Friends here now know about this whole situation, through church, Fedex, and our homeschool group. They've all offered to help in any way and have helped already in big and small ways. We are humbled and grateful to be so supported here and at home.

Our new doctor, Adrian Tse Cheong, told us that Steve is strong, healthy, and will handle his treatments well. He will have side effects, but we are already working to combat those. He said Steve has had the exact treatment he should have so far and was impressed Steve already had his port and was healed and ready for chemo. So, we will probably get started on the chemo next week.

In other news, kids are good! Boys have started back to scouts and Lizzy has started a new USA Girl Scout troop....with her mama as the leader. We've jumped back into church and homeschool play times. And Lizzy got to spend the day with her buddy Lucy while we were at doctors visits today.

We came home to our sweet animals completely happy and well cared for by our helper Janice. She spoiled them rotten and while they were happy to see us...they now greet her like a long lost friend whenever she comes!

It's been rainy all week. Great sleeping weather! Helped us recover from our jet lag. Here's the view off our back porch....or as they call it here our terrace....

It was wonderful to see most all of y'all during our trip home. I have a feeling the next 10 months will fly by and we will be home for good before you know it.