Monday, June 13, 2016

May 2016

I asked Sam to create a power point of his latest activities in Hong Kong...he said,"Well, I haven't done anything special recently." I guess that is how I feel about this month. We've been busy, but nothing special really...just living life. Things have become routine. We no longer get really excited about a trip to Central and setting out to buy or find a business or restaurant is not as overwhelming as it was in the beginning. All of this is good! We are finally feeling comfortable here and I no longer feel anxious about going off to some new place.

We did a walking tour of the Tsim Sha Tsui area of Hong Kong. It was fun, but hot!

Rode the Star Ferry from Central to Kowloon

This is looking from the Kowloon side of the harbor with the Star Ferry in the background.

Posing with Bruce Lee

Inside a wet market restaurant.

The Peninsula Hotel

Steve said these are the Plain White T's

Lizzy and I went over to the Fabric Market one afternoon. It was seriously amazing. They just roll the stuff all out in the street during the day and roll it back into storage for the night. Prices are cheap since they have little overhead. The streets are lined with tiny shops full of sewing accessories and speciality fabric to order. One shop will have buttons and the next will have ribbon. You can find anything in HK...but it's NOT going to be in the same shop.

The kids and I did a short study on plants and urban gardening. We regrew a bunch of veggies, like celery, garlic and sweet potatoes. Then we spent some time learning about alternative gardening and they settled on hydroponic gardening. We researched a basic hydroponic setup, went on an adventure to buy plants and an air pump, then got it all together and are growing herbs in our garden. We struggled to the right items and ended up using coconut fiber as a growing medium instead of a better choice. But it is another exercise in making do!

Waiting on a bus....always waiting in a bus.

Lunch in Mui Wo

Our garden in a sunny spot in the utility room.

Lizzy has been enjoying her gymnastics classes. Here's some photos of her in action.

She competed in her first competition and did very well. They only do beam, floor, and vault, no bars.. Lizzy earned a bronze medal in floor and a gold medal on the vault.

We toured the Hong Kong Musuem of History as a family one rainy afternoon. It was a great Musuem and really told the entire story of HK from its earliest inhabitants to modern day.

Lizzy spent a month taking communion classes during Sunday School at Discovery Bay church. At the conclusion, she received a certificate and was recognized during family Eucharist Sunday. We are very proud of her for learning and growing in her faith.

Lizzy has worked as a lone Girl Scout this school year, otherwise known as a Juliette. Her service project was to collect Happy Stamps from the local grocery store. The grocery store gives out little stamps when you shop and Lizzy collected the stamps and redeemed them for woks! She ended up getting 10 woks and decided to donate them to the refugee center. Our church cooks lunch once a month for the center, so Lizzy and I joined with friends and cooked the lunch in May. Our friend Stephanie, her mom, and three ladies from St. John's cathedral joined us and helped to cook a wonderful meal for the clients. They seemed to enjoy it very much. Lizzy worked hard! I'm proud of her for learning to think of other people.

We took a van from Discovery Bay to Chung King Mansions. Yes...I booked a GoGoVan to take my preacher and three ladies to help refugees....Father Mark is such a good sport and had us take his photo in front of the van to send to his friends! Ha!

Boxes and boxes of woks!!

Lizzy cut bread and wrapped silverware

Stephanie (a Fedex wife, too) and her mom


We had our end of the year Court of Honor for scouts. This court of honor included all the scouts from the 29th Silver Jubilee HK scout troop. It was a nice ceremony and all the kids earned badges. Scouting here in HK has been a very unique experience for our family. It is very similar in many ways, but also very different. We went places we would never have gone, made lots of new friends, and learned lots about the culture. I included a couple photos of Lizzy's group visiting the local fire station, too.

Paul and his patrol

Sam receiving his awards.

The whole troop, from 6 to 16 years old

So far, June has been pretty busy, but I'll wait a couple weeks to send out that email! Steve's sweet cousin, Rachel is coming to visit TOMORROW! We are all so excited! She is our first visitor. The kids have been planning all the things they want to do with Rachel. And...THEN, we will be on the downhill slide to our visit to the states. I cannot wait! I'm making lists of all the things I want and need to buy while I'm home....probably have to bring an extra suitcase. Kids need shoes and clothes...been doing a lot of growing!

We miss you all and hope to see as many folks as possible while we are home!!