Tuesday, October 25, 2016

October 2016

This has been a good month overall for us. Steve has developed a daily routine of exercise, rest, and work! He is walking, running, hiking, swimming, and weight lifting.


He is doing really well and feeling generally good, save a few days just after chemo, when he is just more tired than usual. Here he is just after finishing a long day at the infusion center. He was fine, but the center was quite busy because many people missed their chemo days due to the typhoon on Friday. And there was a problem with the lab which caused a delay in his results...which delayed everything. Still we got home same day and a friend had made us supper! Lizzy played with Hannah and the boys handled everything else. I'm very thankful and proud of how all the kids have been very flexible and helpful. It makes a huge difference.

Each time we walk to the infusion center, we pass St. John's cathedral. St. John's is the parent church to our Discovery Bay congregation. The cathedral was built in 1849. Yes, 1849! It is a stunning old structure and is in complete contrast to the high rise steel buildings all around. This building has stood even through World War II when it was stripped of even its stained glass windows and used as a social club for Japanese officers. The Anglicans were displaced, but they continued to have services in the internment camps all over Hong Kong and are proud of the fact that holy communion was celebrated every Sunday even during the war. St. John's is an old building, but the church here is vibrant and growing. There are many outreach ministries and missions going on daily all over Hong Kong. It's doors are always open and Steve stops by to pray each time he heads to chemo. As we were leaving Monday night, we walked past the gardens of the cathedral and looked up to see the tower between the trees. It was stunning.


Lizzy and I have begun a Girl Scout troop here and are enjoying all our little scout friends. The girls are precious and are learning how to protect water. As part of our learning about water protection, we went on a voyage with Plastic Free Seas, a non profit that focuses on clean water and preventing pollution. Pollution of the water is horrible here and while it feels like a huge problem, every little bit helps. The girls are now working on ways they can help.

Riding the ferry to central

Four of the five Girl Scouts made the trip. Hannah, Lucy, Lizzy, and Rae.


It was a good day!


John, Paul, and Steve hiked to the highest peak in Lantau island to watch the last passenger 747 fly harbor for the last time. It was a cloudy day, but they were able to see it a little.


Paul returning late one evening after attending a leadership seminar with Hong Kong scouting association. We are awfully proud of this young man for stepping out of his comfort zone and accepting a leadership position in his troop. He is doing well with it and is patient and kind with the younger scouts.


Here is Sam making a speech about his fund raising campaign for childhood cancer! He did really well. Our priest was impressed and said Sam could fill in for him any time! Ha! Sam will be shaving his head October 31st. He's surpassed his goal already! We are super proud of Sam and his giving spirit.

Sam's inspiration for his fundraising and Lizzy's friend Hannah just celebrated her birthday. She is nine years old now and is doing well. She is a brain cancer survivor and just had scans which showed a tiny something that the doctors think is nothing but want to rescan in three months anyway. She had a book party and dress up as Gangsta Granny from the David Walliams book and Lizzy went as Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter. The party was great fun!


The rest of our days are filled with schooling, dog walking, cat entertaining, and college applications. I have no photos of me pulling my hair out, so instead here are some cute ones of the furry members of our family.


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