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November 2016




November 2016

This has been a busy month for us and a frustrating one at times. It started off with Paul having surgery on his left index finger to remove a benign growth causing swelling and pain in the joint.

It was an experience to say the least, but overall he was well cared for and is able to move his finger once again! He and I were up at dawn walking to the taxi stand and I must say...I sure missed having a car that day!

Steve is doing well. He's had his 5th chemo after a week delay for low platelets. He was set to have number 6 this Tuesday, but his platelets were low again and so he was delayed another week. This is to be expected. There is nothing he can do except wait for his bone marrow to recover. He's exercising daily, keeping busy with legal work and music! He's been invited to play bass guitar with a local band. A fellow FedEx captain is founding member of the band and he and Steve have played together a few times just for fun. Recently the band lost its bass player and Steve has been called into action. His first gig with them will be December 4th. I'll take photos and video and share those then.



We've enjoyed some community events here in Discovery Bay this month. First, The Big Picnic is a yearly event featuring local bands and other local groups performing on stage. There was every group from dancers to rock and roll bands. It lasted all day. Lizzy and I worked at a merchandise booth selling t-shirts for our church group. Paul and Sam just walked around watching bands. John worked on stage helping to set up the bands. Steve worked all day too taking pictures of every group.





Lizzy joined in a kid's adventure race with two girls she has recently become friends with, Ines and Kyra. The race is called Team Fear. Lizzy's team was in the junior division. They raced on foot, on bicycles, over obstacle courses, climbed rocks, and jumped off a high wall into the sea. The course was a little over 10K, or 6.2 miles. She and her team trained together for several weeks. She got an early Christmas present in the form of a new bicycle. Getting it was an adventure all by itself!! She and I took a couple buses from DB to Mui Wo, found the bike shop, tested out a few, bought one and then grabbed a ferry back. However, the ferry doesn't run straight back to DB, so we had to stop on the tiny island of Peng Chau and switch ferries. It was fairly easy, but about an hour wait between ferries, so Lizzy broke in her new bike really well riding the little winding streets of Peng Chau.

Here is Lizzy and her new bike.


Lizzy before starting



Lizzy, Kyra and Ines...the DB Tigers




Finally...after 2.5 hours...the finish!!


Lizzy Girl Scout troop has been busy lately making a public service announcement video to share with Discovery Bay citizens. The girls have spent a couple months learning about water pollution in HK and then developed a plan and a project to share what they've learned.


The following is a link to the video on YouTube.

Paul and Steve took a short trip to Vietnam to retrieve a guitar Steve had ordered back in June of this year. They had a fun time and Paul received an early Christmas and "Hooray, I can bend my finger again" present!





Steve's guitar based on the guitar Buck Owens (Heehaw) used all his career...though the guitar maker thought the color scheme was because Steve loved France. Paul's mandolin is beautiful and he is getting really good on it.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with several other families. All of these folks have banded together to feed our family each time Steve has had chemo. They've taken care of Lizzy and made sure the boys were fed while Steve and I are at the infusion center. I cannot express enough gratitude to them, so I invited them all to bring a dish and share a meal together. It was a lot of fun, loud and crowded, BUT it was also a wonderful time. My dressing turned out great and the whole crowd decided they liked sweet potato pie even more than pumpkin! We had two British families and three American families. We enjoyed the irony of that and enjoyed explaining the traditions and the different foods. They explained to us that "pudding" is dessert... not A dessert, but it refers to the sweet foods after a meal. Completely confused on little 7 year old American boy here who thought we were only having pudding for dessert. He was happy to see the pies! I did not get any photos of the food, nor all 24 guests. But here is one of the jam session after.


There were a couple sleep overs...Lizzy went to Hannah's and Hannah came they are at our flat.


drama classes,


scout events, and field trips thrown into the mix of the month. When counting our blessings.....I am amazed. We miss every one of you. We love love love to hear from you! So email us and let us hear what's going on in your life.


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