Saturday, February 11, 2017

January - February 2017

2017 came in quietly here in Discovery Bay....we've celebrated three birthdays and welcomed in the year of the rooster. Lizzy got a new haircut and the weather has been great for hiking. Steve is continuing to do well with his chemotherapy treatments. We can finally see the end!! As of today, he has two more treatments to go. We are so grateful he has continued to have minimal side effects and has been healthy during this winter. I don't want to jinx anything, but the whole family has been well this winter. This is a miracle itself!

So, our Lizzy turned 9 years old on January 4. She and her friend, Jessica made her birthday cake together. Lizzy wanted emoji cakes, so they made three small cakes. They were yummy! We only got a photo of one of them they were so good!! Can't believe this is my last year with a child in single digits....


Then it was time to celebrate Sam and John on January 21st. John is now 18 and Sam is 13. It is hard to believe John is about ready to leave home for university. And it is equally hard for me to believe my baby boy is now a teen. We are so proud of them both. They are as different as can be, but are turning into really good people.


My young men.


Chinese New Year came early this year, so January 28 we brought in the year of the rooster. Decorations are everywhere during this season. Some are beautiful and some are just odd...The ones below are giant KNITTED dragon lions.


Lizzy and I ventured out to a new mall in search of yarn...I'm spending a lot of time crocheting these days. We found an old mall that once had a roller coaster in the top! Now it is full of little stalls and shops. We found the yarn shop and will go back! It's the Dragon Centre Mall.

Found a shop for all the Nana's of the world!

And Lizzy bought herself a emoji pillow and used the ride home! Ha!

Lizzy got a new haircut...about 6 inches shorter and long layers. It is very becoming.

We've been hiking quite a bit this year. We first tackled the Lantau Country Trail, which is about 7 miles from the backside of Lantau to the village of Mui Wo. Long trail, but by HK standards, not hard.

Some of us handled it better than others....

Not sure what this sign is trying to's lost in translation, I think.

We found a funny sticker in the village.


Then our Girl Scout troop and 6 other troops hiked over Lamma Island. Fun day and nice hike.


Steve and I were walking home from the grocery store and saw an amazing sunset.

My boys have really been helping out a lot. One of their favorite things to do is walk the dog. She loves it too.

The dog doesn't love waiting at the grocery store, but sometimes there are friends...

Speaking of friends, Lizzy and her friends have discovered selfies. I have 1 million of these on my phone.


The cat is still spoiled and still everyones favorite cat.

We've enjoyed our year so far. The kids are digging into their school work, I'm taking a couple online classes for Parish Nursing and Steve is focusing on his health. He is very consistent with his exercise and I believe this has made a huge difference for him. He is swimming a mile many times a month, walking miles weekly, and lifting weights at the gym.

Here's to 2017! May it be as quiet as the first two months!!

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