Wednesday, January 11, 2017

December 2016

Wow, what a wonderful month we had! It began with Lizzy's drama performance of Pirates of the Caribbean Coast. This is a group of English speaking Cantonese and international homeschool students who meet once a week and learn drama, public speaking, and improvising.


Lizzy and some of her drama friends.

Then Lizzy and I went to The HK Ballet performance of The Nutcracker.


Paul and John did a field trip with other teens to a nearby river with a group that deals with water quality.


THEN...this happened!!!!

See that bunch? They all came for a visit over Christmas. It was really just wonderful to have family here and we enjoyed our time showing them all around Hong Kong and showing them how we live here. Rachel Glenn is living in Korea now stationed there with the Air Force and is a short plane ride away!! It's such a nice feeling to know she's close to us now.



The whole Barry Tillman clan plus our nephew Turner came to a China and then Hong Kong. They were able to stay in a nearby apartment and we did some fun day trips all over Hong Kong. We took them to see the Big Buddha, Victoria Peak, Aberdeen and the Jumbo Restaurant, Kowloon and the street markets, Hong Kong Disney, and we all enjoyed Christmas services at our Discovery Bay church.


All the Tillman grandchildren at Big Buddha in Ngong Ping




LOVE The giant round tables in dim sum restaurants. I want one when I return to the states. Completely with the big lazy Susan in the middle.

The previous photos are of our trek to the Jumbo Resturant in Aberdeen. We took a sampan (small hired boat like the one in the above photo), which was an experience!! The food was great and though the Peking duck kinda traumatized Lizzy....think the Chinese resturant scene in the movie A Christmas Story...we all enjoyed it very much.

Steve and his trombone got a workout this holiday season. He played with a group organized by a church member at four different Christmas events. Here are some pictures of him in action.


Sam and Lizzy were involved in the nativity scene during the Christingle service on Christmas Eve. Sam was Joseph and Lizzy was a wise woman. The whole community comes out for annual service.

We enjoyed a simple Christmas lunch and even got to FaceTime with my parents.


All too soon, it was over and everyone went on their way. Turner back to the states, Barry's family on to Thailand and Rachel back to Korea.

Saying goodbye at the airport

Final hike with Rachel before she heads back to Korea.

It was a wonderful holiday season for us.


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